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1. Is a marriage license required?
2. Where do we get a marriage license?
3. What is the cost of a marriage license?
4. What are the residency requirements for Wyoming?
5. Is there a waiting period from the application date to the date the license is issued?
6. Is there a waiting period from the date the license is issued to the date I am allowed to marry?
7. Are blood tests and physical exams required?
8. What is the minimum age a man or woman may marry?
9. What if one or both of us is younger than 18?
10. How long does a marriage license remain valid once it's been issued?
11. Do we have to get married in Albany County?
12. What information will the Clerk’s Office need when we apply for our license?
13. What if one or both partners have been divorced or have had a spouse die?
14. Are common law marriages legal
15. Are same sex marriages legal?
16. Who performs marriage services in Albany County?
17. What do we do with the License after the wedding?
18. How can I get a Certified Copy of my Marriage License?
19. What's the process of legally changing my last name after marriage?