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  1. Resolution 2021-001 Resolution Approving the Official Holidays for Employees of Albany County for the Year 2021 and Setting Business Hours
  2. Resolution 2021-002 Resolution Designating BOCC to Supervise County Department Heads
  3. Resolution 2021-003 Resolution Designating BOCC to Serve as a Liaison to each Board and Commission
  4. Resolution 2021-004 Resolution Adopting the Albany County, WY Employee Handbook by the Elected Officials of Albany County, WY (12)
  5. Resolution 2021-005 A Resolution Designating Rec Project Request Priorities to AC School District #1 Rec Board for Funding Consideration in FY 21
  6. Resolution 2021-007 Resolution Acknowledging Pope Springs Comm. Special Road Imprvmnt. Districts Compliance W.S. 9-1-507(A)(VII)
  7. Resolution 2021-008A Resolution Approving WY Downs LLC to Conduct Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing - Satellite Facility
  8. Resolution 2021-009 Resolution Appointing County Commissioners for Albany County, Wyoming to Working Groups with the City of Laramie, Wyoming
  9. Resolution 2021-010 Resolution to Retain Outside Counsel (24)
  10. Resolution 2021-011 A Resolution Appointing Directors to the South Knoll Road Improvement District until the Next Election (33)
  11. Resolution 2021-012 Resolution to Appoint a Special Prosecutor (27)
  12. Resolution 2021-013 Resolution to Retain Outside Counsel
  13. Resolution 2021-014 Acknowledging Resignation of AC Prosecuting Attorney Peggy A. Trent and Declaring Vacancy Office AC Attorney
  14. Resolution 2021-015 Resolution Establishing the Interview Process to fill Vacancy of the Elective Office of AC & Prosecuting Attorney
  15. Resolution 2021-016 Resolution Designating Funding Allocations to Sub Recipients of 2021-22 TANF CPI Subaward
  16. Resolution 2021-017 Resolution to Appoint Special Prosecutor
  17. Resolution 2021-018 Resolution Temporarily Appointing the AC & Prosecuting Attorney until Successor is Elected at next General Election
  18. Resolution 2021-019 Resolution Supporting Submission of Grant App to US Dept. of Justice Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program (CFDA#16.607)
  19. Amended Resolution 2021-019 Supporting Submission of Grant App to US Dept. of Justice Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program (CFDA#16.607)
  20. Resolution 2021-020 Transferring Unencumbered or Unexpended Appropriation Balances from One Fund to Another & Amending FY2020-2021 Budget
  21. Resolution 2021-021 Resolution Appointing One Member to the Laramie Regional Airport Board to fill Unexpired Term
  22. Resolution 2021-022 Resolution Suspending the 07202021 Regular Meeting of BOCC and Setting Special Meeting (25)
  23. Resolution 2021-023 Resolution Internally Reapportioning Payment to LONG Building Technologies from General Accounts to 2018 SPET
  24. Resolution 2021-024 Supporting COVID-19 Vaccination Initiatives in an Effort to Achieve Vaccination level of at least 70% in AC
  25. Resolution 2021-025 Supporting COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts by Authorizing Contributions up to $25,000 from AC Funds to Vaccination Incentives
  26. Resolution 2021-026 Resolution regarding Compliance with US CDC and WY Deptartment of Health COVID-19 Recommendations
  27. First Amendment to Resolution 2020-029 to remove Alan Frank as Viewer and Appoint Karen Bowman as Viewer