Political Action Committee


A Political Action Committee (PAC) is any group of two or more persons organized and associated for the purpose of raising, collecting or spending money for use in the aid of, or otherwise influencing or attempting to influence, directly or indirectly, the election or defeat of candidates for public office, candidate’s committees, or political parties, for support of or opposition to any initiative or referendum petition drive or for the adoption or defeat of any ballot proposition. WS. 22-1-102(a)(xx).


A Statement of Formation (PDF) must be filed within ten days after a PAC is formed. This filing is required by law for a committee formed before an election to raise and expend campaign funds or after an election to defray debts.

Contribution Restrictions

Contributions may not be received from a corporation, partnership, trade union, professional association, or civic, fraternal or religious group to be used for candidates or political parties. However, contributions from these entities may be used for the support or defeat of ballot propositions or initiative and referendum petition drives.


An itemized Statement of contributions shall be filed at least seven days before a primary, general, or special election, and a Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (PDF) shall be filed within 10 days after a primary, general, or special election. WS. 22-25-106(b)(i)


After all committee debts are retired, the committee may terminate. Statewide PACs must terminate online. County/local PACs may terminate by filing a Termination Report (PDF) with the county clerk, or by checking the appropriate box on the final Statement of contributions and Expenditures.

Odd-Numbered Year Filings

PACs that have previously filed a statement of contributions and expenditures and have not filed a PAC Termination Report must file a Statement of contributions and Expenditures by December 31st of odd-numbered (non-election) years. WS. 22-25-106(b)(ii)

Additional Information

For more information please refer to Wyoming Statute: Title 22, Chapter 25 - Campaign Practices and the Campaign Guide published on the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Website during each Federal Election year.