Voters with Special Needs

Accessible Polling Places & Voter Aids

Every effort is made to make all Polling Places accessible. Please contact the Albany County Clerk - Elections Office to request information regarding the accessible route for your Polling Place. 

Additionally, all Polling Places are equipped with Voter Assistance Kits that include bubble/write-in guides, magnifying sheets, privacy sleeves, and clipboards. If you need voting assistance once you arrive at your Poll, two Election Judges of different party affiliation will happily help you.

Accessible Voting Machines

Each Polling place is equipped with an ES&S AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal. The AutoMARK uses a touch screen to help voters mark their selections on the ballot. Voters with vision impairments may enlarge the screen view or listen to the ballot through headphones. 

When finished, a voter may review his or her selections prior to printing the marks on the ballot. Once printed, the voter removes the ballot from the AutoMARK and inserts it into the Monday through 100 Ballot Counter. Election Judges are trained on the AutoMark and are available to help any voter. To maintain voter privacy, secrecy sleeves are available

Curbside Voting

To afford voters who have difficulty accessing their Polling Place every opportunity to vote in a private and independent fashion, curbside voting is available. Two Election Judges of different party affiliation will assist you in signing in to your Polling Place, deliver your ballot, a clipboard, secrecy sleeve and any other voting aids available and requested, and feed your ballot into the Monday through 100 Ballot Counter. 

To arrange for this service, please contact the Albany County Clerk - Elections Office or alert the Election Judges at your poll when you arrive.

Absentee Ballots & Voting at the Courthouse

If you would rather cast your ballot via mail, please refer to the Absentee Ballot Requests Section. You may also cast your ballot at the Courthouse up to 40 days before each election, but not on Election Day. The accessible route for the Courthouse starts at the designated handicap parking places on the northeast side of the building. 

Take the wheelchair accessible ramp (adjacent to the loading ramp) down to the first floor. Directly ahead from the entry door is an elevator. Take this to the second floor, turn left and travel across the lobby to the Clerk’s Office (Suite 202). The Elections Office is within the Clerk’s Office, immediately to the left after entering through the double doors.